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From The Beach Towel That Fits In Your Pocket To The Coin Size Travel Refreshing Wipes Made Of Biodegradable Materials,
and Best Tactical Flashlights,
We Have Them All.

Space Saving.
Useful In Different Outdoors Sports Like Fishing, Camping, Riding Bicycle.
Infinite Cosmetic Uses Such As Cleaning The Face, The Baby, After Eating.
Use Your Own Towels And Prevent Allergies Or Other Skin Diseases. 

KLES'S Compressed Towel Travel and Beauty Kit (1 Dispenser Tube+50 Wipes )

With this excellent coin size wipe you can take 8 towels (8, 5 x 9,5 in. or 22 x 24 cm.) without having to take up space in your luggage. Add a few drops of water and towel will expand as an act of magic. They are very useful for remove cosmetics or clean your face before to apply it. Also, in travel either to clean after eat on the plane, entering the baths at airports, or cleaning a baby.

100 % Rayon Biodegradable 50 coin that becomes in a wipes just with few drops of water. Save space.

Infinite uses in different sports (tennis, fishing, golf, bycicle, etc.)

Use your own wipes and avoid skin deseases like alergies or other.

Eventually you can add your own perfume to the towel.

You get a nice ziplock bag without publicity to refill.


GO! Towel 100% Organic Bamboo Compressed Towels (10-pack)

Perfect little compressed towel. Starts as a poker-chip sized and expands to 12" x 20" - soft, unbleached, undyed, and unscented, multi-use and perfect for travel, skincare, sports, camping, emergency kits, and paper towel reduction.

Perfect for Face, Body and Sensitive Skin

Ideal for Travel, Sports, Cosmetic and Household Use

Natural, Eco-friendly, Compostable

10-pack of 100% Organic Compressed Bamboo Towels


The Beach Towel that Fits in Your Pocket, New Extra Strength Reusable, Only 128 Grams, Absorbent, Durable, Quick Dry, Antibacterial, The Multi-tool for the Outdoors-12 piece Gift Box 90x150cm Lightload Towels

COMPACT DURABLE AND LIGHT: If you spend a lot of time in the outdoors like we do; hiking, biking and much more, then you know how important the weight and size of your backpack is. Our towels weigh practically nothing and take up no space. At the size of a hockey puck and the weight (128 Grams) of two bandannas you’ll be able to save for more important stuff like food and water. The outer packaging is waterproof and rugged and withstands lots of abuse.

GREAT FABRIC AND EASY TO CLEAN: We use the best Lyocell, which has received numerous awards, including the "European Award for the Environment" by the European Union." Being outdoors can be sweaty, muddy, dirty and smelly; Lightloads are your go to friend. Simply wipe it away, wash out with water and wring to dry. Ready to wash? It's easy. Our energy efficient fabric is naturally antibacterial so you don't always need detergents and bleaches that pollute the water. Just rinse and use. Voila

ULTRA ABSORBENT: QUICK TO DRY & HYGENIC: It Absorbs like a sponge, taking in water at more than 9.5 times its weight. Cotton and other fabrics weigh a ton when saturated with water. Ours weigh little and are easy to wring out and take little time to dry. Keeping good hygiene when you are on the go is important and there is no other product that controls the dirt, smells and uncleanliness like lightload Towels.

SOOTHING ON SKIN: Being out in the great outdoors is great, but it can be tough on your skin. Lightload towels is a bio-based material made from plant and wood chips. It's hypoallergenic, soft, and sponge like; perfect for sensitive skin. If you've got a rash, nettle sting, or generally aggravated skin, soothe it with one of these. Just apply when dry. Wicking sweat away from your body is another great feature the towel offers cooling your skin down or warming it up.

100+ USES: The Ultimate Outdoor Survival Towel: Whether you spend your holidays on a long-distance hike, camping in the backcountry or just wanting to re-stock your bug out kit- a multi-purpose survival tool like this can quite literally save your life. Our towels are also used for washing, water collecting, first aid, kindling, sun protecting, insulating etc. These towels are so versatile that you can dry off and start a fire at the same time.


50 pcs disposable towel travel essential travel portable compressed cotton towel wash washcloth compress Sugan

Dimensions: Expand long after soaking 28.5cm; width 22.3cm

Material: spunlace nonwoven

Spunlace non-woven fabric made of high quality, environmentally friendly odor-free, single-use, more sanitary and clean! Avoid cross-contamination! Small good carry! Fifty tablets, to meet travel demand in the wash!

Disinfection clean to prevent cross-infection

Lightweight, breathable feel comfortable skin-friendly breathable odor-free environment


MyLifeUNIT Compressed Towels Tablets, Pack of 5

Small size, easy to carry out, zero added and convenience for go out, completely clean and environmental friendly

5-Pack of 100% Cotton Reusable Compressed Towels

Simply add water Unfold to 12" x 27.5" - Soft, Unbleached, undyed and unscented ideal for traveling , picnics , baby care , outdoor activities , office , school , hotel , home and much more , that can be used anytime , anywhere. 

Natural, Eco-friendly, Biodegradable & Environmentally Safe



It doesn't matter when, it doesn't matter where, NAPKIN new courtesy service concept applies anytime, anywhere. The goal is to care for your guests with something truly UNIQUE and SPECIAL.

At the end of a meal, or between courses, welcoming guests in the lobby of a hotel, caring for clients at a beauty salon or spa or simply wiping your hands after a cocktail and canapes -The NAPKIN CONCEPT WILL MAKE ANY OCCAISION PERFECT.


LED Flashlight Adjustable Zoom Focus Torch Light Lamp with 3 Modes

Led Tactical Flashlight (5-Pack

By John Smith posted July 30, 2015

【5 Pack, Easy to use】: You can put one in the bedroom, one in the living room, one in your garage, one in the kitchen and always carry one with you. Besides, it is a practical and useful gift.

【Water-resistant, Slip-resistant】: Excellent water-resistant slip-resistant characteristic, suitable for outdoor environment, adverse weather conditions like rainy days.

【3 MODES】: focus, zoom, strobe. Just slide the front end in and out to change modes. And it is compact and mini with 9.4cm length only, very convenient to carry it everyday with a pocket clip.

【Output】: Output bright can come to 350 lumens (MAX) - haven’t contain battery.

【High Quality Material】: Made of 6061T Aluminum Alloy, very solid, strong and durable.


3800 Lumens CREE

Powerful LED Torch Zoomable LED Flashlight Torch light

Lamp Life:100,000 Hours, Waterproof ( not under water)

Emitted Color:White Light

Switch:Tail Cap

Lens: Convex Lens

Battery for 1x18650/3xAAA(not include)

LED Flashlight Adjustable Zoom Focus Torch Light Lamp with 3 Modes


High-Powered Tactical Flashlight with 5 Modes & Zoom Function

Bell and Howell Taclight

High-Powered Tactical Flashlight with 5 Modes & Zoom Function

High-power: taclight is made from air-craft Grade aluminum and can withstand extremes of temperatures, from freezing to boiling. It is water-proof and shock resistant

Modes: high brightness; Medium brightness; low brightness; Strobe (intermitent flashing); sos (emergency signal)

Functional: taclight has built-in zoom function and high-powered bulbs are 22x brighter than your regular flashlight (2 nautical mile visibility)

Portable: 5.4 inches L x 1.6 inches width. Taclight is small enough to fit in your pocket, handbag, or car compartment, so you can take it with you wherever, whenver

Energy-efficient despite the high-powered functionality taclight is cost-efficient. Bulbs last more than 100,000 hours